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Kosuke's Birthday @ Urawa Narciss 
20th-Feb-2010 02:58 am

Where the hell do I start?

The live?

Kosuke’s hour of random crap? (XD.)

Making new friends?

No, I think I’d better go back to the veeeerry beginning. Where Natalie and I found Urawa Narciss… See, we found the place, and were about to go get something to eat, when we heard guitar coming from the livehouse, so we hung around to sneakily listen to the soundcheck… Little did we know… It was actually roadies… All of a sudden, Natalie says to me “It’s Kosuke!” And just as I’m turning to look, Yoshi walked past me… riiiight up close and all. (We’re the same height! :3.) He looked kinda annoyed (which I assume was due to the hoard of fans following him down the street) but I take heart in the fact that instead of storming past and completely ignoring us, he actually nodded before continuing on his irritated way. ^.^ So then Kosuke comes past, and Natalie briefly stopped him to say Happy Birthday, to which he replied, and then continued on his way. What a sweetie. Meanwhile, the hoard of fangirls is staring down the stairs after Kosuke and Yoshi… and along come Nao and Kiri… So I’m watching them coming from aaallllll the way down the street, wondering when the girls staring at the empty staircase are gonna notice… They’re circling behind the girls… still no recognition… FINALLY once they’re halfway past the crowd, the girls at the back clued in… I was totally giggling to myself the whole time. XD.

Right, so after a short trip to maccas, we headed back to the live house where Natalie and I both picked up a Ko-tee. Who could resist? It’s just so hardcore. Nice one Kosuke. (btw, there’s a little fire-breathing heizo on the back… <3.) So anyway, we went and put them on.

After returning, we struck up a conversation with the other gaijin girls, and soon became a group of 6. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sarah and Hannah hauled ass there to get day tickets, I might have been suspicious that we all got lucky with the lottery. lol (Speaking of, good job, girls! Don’t know that I could have gone all the way to Saitama without assurance of a ticket.) So anyway… onto the live…

Well, actually, we were treated to an hour of Kosuke randomness – because Kosuke was the star, of course. Kosuke came out, said his thanks etc. and then one of the Narciss staff took to the stage. Kosuke then had to answer the fans’ questions that she had with one word. *What do you think of Yoshihiko?* “…. Baka.” *Kiri?* “Um…Cat.” (Sorry, didn’t catch Nao.) He also told a story about Nao in highschool at the sports test that seemed to be extremely funny, but all I caught was that it had something to do with basketball and Nao was saying something inappropriate to the occasion. Oh, I think he also told Kiri to ‘go die’ in tochigi dialect. XD. Heheh. There was also a lot of animosity towards Nao who had apparently said he wanted to go drinking with the other bands in Counter Culture, and that Kosuke should just do his birthday alone. Awwww!!! There were also ‘questions’ from the band members… I say ‘questions’ cause Kiri’s was “Looks like you’ve got a great crowd for you birthday…?” lol Meanwhile, Yoshi asked why Kosuke’s such a drastic idiot. (XD. From one idiot to another “Why are you an idiot?”)

So then Kosuke goes off stage, and suddenly Yoshi suggests that we call for an encore… and out comes Kosuke again in this sparkly blue suit with a massive sparkly yellow bow tie (which apparently cost 1,000 yen from Don Quixote despite the expensive gold suit Kosuke had requested. XD.)

Kosuke then talked about how they had lots of ideas, and how they’d considered making Yoshi play a different part etc. but “That would be too hard for Yoshi, cause he can’t do anything else” SO the solution was to have Kosuke… sing karaoke. XD. Yep, that’s right. Kosuke, alone on stage in a ridiculous sequined suit, singing. So what did he sing? Well, it wasn’t his choice at all. The boys in the dressing room had the book and told him which numbers to input. First off, Nao’s selection of Rem. XD. Then there was a song by Luna Sea, which I have got to say actually sounded quite good (unlike the travesty that was Rem, lol, but we can’t expect all guys to be able to keep up with Yoshi’s range…) and then Kiri decided he wanted to hear an anime song… Well what else could it be, but Cruel Angel’s Thesis? – To which everyone happily sang along to. Then Yoshi put in an Uverworld song (which was apparently far too high for Kosuke and got cut rather quickly lol) Which brought us to an Enka song. XD. Kosuke singing Enka. Epic. Finally, after Nao’s “Kosuke, your time has run out, would you like to extend?” he asked for a song everyone could sing along to – which resulted in Utakata. XD. Either in that or Rem (my memories are all shmooshed up XD.) Kosuke did a little Yoshi dance while we were all headbanging. Precious.

(P.S. Supposedly Kosuke was REALLY nervous before the live, while Yoshi was totally relaxed for a change, cocky even. XD. They really were meeeeaaaan to him, sitting there in the dressing room, making disinterested comments like “You’re talking too much” etc. lol Priceless, boys.)

While Kosuke’s little oneman was hella fun, the live itself was of course the icing on the birthday cake. XD. The set was all over the place, with oldies like Machikado Boujou, Last Piece & Slow Drop (which I haven’t heard for AGES live, btw) and then bits and pieces from Panorama… Oh, and Flashback (Another one I haven’t heard live for a long, long time…) We got to hear the opening to Tsuta tsuta twice, cause something happened to Kosuke’s bass, and we sang Sentimental twice through especially for Kosuke. ^.^ Oh, and of course, there was Happy Birthday.

Personal highlights included a blinding grin from Yoshi when he caught me making hearts during Utakata (whoops XD.) and then he singled me out when I was singing along. XD. Love ya, babe. Oh, and I got Kosuke’s attention when he came over to Nao’s side (where I ended up ^.^; Yikes… Hopefully the haircut kept him from recognizing me from Doremidan lol) cause I was blooming at Ko while everyone else was doing furi…

Which brings us to something special… Tonight was my 21st heidi. concert. 16 times from 2nd /3rd row, or just a little further back… That’s 16 opportunities to catch picks, bottled, and drum sticks thrown my way, and FINALLY… FINALLY… That’s right! I got Kosuke’s pick! *squee* You have no idea how much it means to me to FINALLY have a heidi. pick! In fact, I got two! The second one I grabbed with Natalie in mind, though. ^.^

All in all, it was a fantastic night full of tons of fun and adorableness (kiri: “nyan”). I think it might just be the best heidi. crowd I have ever been in. Everyone was in a great mood and just purely enjoying themselves. There was so much going on that I just can’t remember everything, just this amazing feeling that I had the time of my life. XD.

P.S. I also made a new Japanese friend, who somehow ended up with our group of assorted gaijin after the concert. Can’t wait for next Friday at Shibuya Ax!!! LYNCH!!!! ((HEIDI.!!!!)) And I have a kickass ticket. XD.

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