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... It's 6am and the moon is out... There's something inherently… 
30th-Jan-2010 06:22 am
... It's 6am and the moon is out... There's something inherently wrong there...

Moving on.

I'm drunk. Not trashed, but a bit beyond tipsey. Why? CAUSE I WORK AT A BAR!

Muwahahaha! I feel like a hostess. It's almost like I get paid to drink! Okay, so that's not exactly the case, but as long as Jun is behind the bar, it's nomihoudai. XD. It's 6:15... I was drinking until 5am. We clocked out at 2:15... The last thing I drank was Jun's patent pended Mohito... 4 shots alcohol, and 1/5 ice&soft drink. But you CAN'T TASTE IT! It's like a very minty lemonade, and yet I SAW him mix this thing and it's almost entirely made of heavy fkn alcohol! Wow.

Meanwhile, Sandra's into VK. XD. She even knows Dio! Well, she IS German....

Vanessa read my palms (freakily well, I might add. What accuracy...) Oh, and she taught me how to draw a decent glass of beer. (And apparently I'm going to marry Mikaru before I'm 30... Or something like that... May not have used his name precisely...)

I made an hour's work in tips.

I love this job.

I will probably say the exact opposite in about 3.5 hrs when I have to drag my sorry ass out of bed to shower, dress, eat and book it to A&S before heading on to 57 where I will work until 2:15 again for sure, and then I'll be sleeping in the place and up by about 9/10? to get ready for the first ever all you can eat/drink Sunday brunch. WHEE!

Excuse me while I go crash with that thought in mind.
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