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14th-Mar-2010 06:39 am

Dio. Dio. Dio.

To tell the truth, I've been kind of ignoring them out of self defense. During their hiatus, I was depressed that I couldn't go to that 'final' gig, so I stopped listening for a while. But recently, I was able to pick them up again, and then they announced their big announcement... I had hope. I was so excited...

"Kaisan". So for two months I've been wavering between missing them desperately and being excited to hell about another Dio live... and pulling away from them because I knew they were leaving. I also managed to get a friend hooked on them from about a month ago. Poor dear. It's kinda cruel really.

I thought I'd separated myself from them enough that Final Call wouldn't affect me so badly. But it did. I cried like a bitch. And now it's over. God, it was an amazing live, though. I FINALLY got to hear the original version of Last Dance which I have always wanted to see live. And it was amazing. And Mikaru saw me balling my eyes out and wiped his hand down his face, making fun of me. XD. Cutie.

It really hurts that nothing will ever compare to the sheer awesomeness and fun of a Dio live.

I'm gonna check out the OA Vampire, though. They're REALLY inexperienced, and it shows, but their music has potential and it's a similar type to Dio. Nothing will ever fill that gap, but I could come to enjoy Vampire for that particular type of heavy rampaging mixed with cool melodies. Besides, they're hot and I got the sexy guitarist's pick. XD. Oneman at K2 the day after Lynch & Giru. Sounds like a plan to me. XD.

Anyway, back to Dio. The worst part is, I can't even hate them for breaking up because I totally understand why. It's just right for them. I'd be fine with it except that there really is nothing else like a Dio live, and knowing that I will never again see God Forsaken or Dantoudai or Dokusai or Final Call or Lord's Prayer or Instrument of Hell, or Carry Dawn, or Last Dance... or anything, ever again... That's devastating.

Meanwhile, Denka was crying right from the get go. He's totally precious. Ivy was sweet. He couldn't talk openly, so he said he'd write the details of his feelings in his blog. Nawww. Hell, even Kei grew on me at last... which is totally ironic since he announced that he won't be returning with the Dio members or with any other band. He's quitting music. That's right, you go dye your hair black and become a salary man, Kei, I'm sure it'll suit you just fine... Meanwhile, Shigure kicked Erina's freakin ass! He's got stage presence, and he plays Erina's guitar lines better than Erina. XD. I'm sooo glad he filled in, because he deserved the chance to shine. I'll have to keep an eye on him. Apparently he's just started a new band, so that'll be something to look out for.

Which leaves us with Mikaru. *sigh* Heartbreaker. I really have nothing to say about him, actually. He was just simply amazing. I mean, he sang incredibly, his death voice was just sheer awesome, and when he's on stage, he rules the world and he knows it. "It's not like I'm dead!" he says. No, Mikaru, no you're not dead, but I'll never hear you sing God Forsaken or Last Dance live again. I'll never hear you growl out Dokusai again. Who knows where your music is going to go from here? I'm afraid you'll abandon that amazing death voice of yours... I'll get over it, because I love your singing voice, but... you know. So, no. You're not dead. But I already miss the part of you that belongs to Dio.
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