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8th-Apr-2010 11:21 pm - heidi. @ Takadanobaba Area
Oh god, they are fucking amazing. I’m glad I chose them over Lynch. I don’t care how good the remaining lives are. Nothing will ever compare.
They played Shinda Sekai.
Unless you’re Heather or Pei, you probably don’t know what that means to me, but… let’s just say it’s a lot. The moment Yoshi said “Please listen… Shinda Sekai” I think my heart stopped! I think my first reaction was to say “yes!” but no sound came out at all, I was so shocked! I can now die contented.

Not only that, they then played Hoshi no Koe followed by Ganbou as well as Hakana Hana and even Zetsuai Roman Uta (for the fourth time ever!). Not to mention Machikado Bojou, kaihou, and well, the rest of doukoku. XD. And Kyoku ni sousou and Clover, and god, it was a freakin AWESEOME set list! They also played Omaesan, Sentimental, Charles, Utakata, and finished with Tsubasa. ^.^

Unfortunately (Not really, actually,) I could hardly take my eyes off Yoshi, so from here on out, it’s going to be Yoshi babble. XD.

Dear god, but he is just ADORABLE! I can’t even remember right now what song it was, but he was doing these little actions – the type of thing he never, ever does. Like, practically furitsuke – meanwhile, we were all being lazy and clapping instead of copying him, and at one point, he suddenly looked down at me, and I could tell exactly what he was thinking! “I feel like an idiot, but hopefully I don’t look as silly as I feel cause I can't stop now…” It was… adorable. Purely adorable. Oh yeah, I was like, second row, center. I mean, DEAD center. Lol I usually try to stand just off center so I can watch the whole band, including Kiri, but there was a mosh in the second song, and bam, there I was in Yoshi central. *_* I am certainly not complaining! He was SO CLOSE! At one point, he grabbed my hand – Yoshi grabbing hands, so SO rare! Oh, and when we were moshing, my hands had nowhere to go but his chest! WHOoPS! (Rotfl) Can’t even remember all the grins, and moments of cherished eye contact. That’s what I get for standing riiiiiiight in front of him. XD. Lol It ALMOST sounds like I’m complaining. HA!

Erm, anyway, so, um, yeah. MCs! Right! Lol! Yoshi was late and decided to announce why during the live… Apparently, he got off at Shibuya instead of Baba. ROTFL Oh, you adorable little bandman, you. Seems he was convinced he was going to O-West. XD.

So then Kiri told the story Yoshi told him about how he went to the ‘toilet’ at Baba. Y: “Toilet? I’m in visual kei, I don’t go to the toilet!” Ko: “The mirror! You went in to use the mirror, right?” Y: “Yeah, had to go and check on how damn good I was looking…” Ki: “So while he’s in there, um, checking his face, someone who was coming here said ‘Yoshihiko?’” But when they asked the audience, no one fessed up. Lol Yoshi looked all disappointed. “I thought they were my fan. :(.” <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I can follow you into the bathroom if you really want, Yoshi! <.< … >.> … ^.^;

So then they try to get Nao to talk, but all he seems to want to say is “Hello.” So Yoshi asks him what colour undies he’s wearing. ROLF LAST thing I expected to hear from Yoshi! Black, btw. That goes for all except Kosuke who’s undies were black & white.

So anyway, Kosuke mentions that not only was Area their first oneman, but it was also the place the other three first found Yoshi. “omae, sugoi”-here I was expecting to hear about how amazing they thought he was-“futotteita!” O.O I nearly did a face plant. Kosuke just called Yoshi fat. lol! Meanwhile Yoshi’s face was like “I don’t like where this is going, but it wouldn’t be manly of me to back down…” so Kosuke goes on to say how massive Yoshi’s arms were. Y:”Just how long do you plan to continue this conversation?” Ko:”But he wore cut off sleeves! With those big arms!” Y:”Actually, they were long sleeves… I cut them myself.” Ko:”So how much do you weigh now?” Y:”Oooookay, that’s enough of that. I’d like to thank everyone for coming today….etc.”

BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So rare for heidi. to get so personal, and yet so, so cute.

At the end, Kiri threw his bottle just behind me, but it got dropped and I got a hand on it. A couple of people held on for a bit, but then it was just three of us struggling over it. One of the girls fell over, and me, being the kind being that I am, managed to ask if she was okay, and sound pleasant about it, whilst inside growling and still fighting over the bottle. Lol Eventually the other chick was like “kowai” and the girls around us suggested janken. Jesus. I hate janken. I ALWAYS lose. I lost Hazuki’s towel and Denka’s drumstick to Janken. I really, really didn’t want to let that happen, which is why I fought so hard instead of suggesting it myself when it became apparent she wasn't letting go. Just this once, I couldn’t bear to lose it to janken. However, I think my showing worry over the girl who fell over softened things, so the other chick just took the cap and gave me the bottle. XD. I apologized and thanked her, but on the inside, I was really just thinking “NO FUCKING WAY WAS I GONNA HAND THIS THING OVER!” lol. Seriously, you people KNOW how impossible it is for me to catch anything of heidi.’s! Think I was letting Kiri’s bottle go!? STFU!!!

*cough* Which brings me to my amusing story to wrap up the night. Well, it’s half amusing, and half disturbing, cause it proves just how apathetic the Japanese really are.

Talk about dying of happiness. I was sitting on the train, and took a sip from Kiri’s bottle… only, my body decided that was a good time to cough, but I had a mouthful of water, so I tried to swallow it all first, which resulted in me practically drowning. So there I am, choking to death, trying desperately to take a breath… and I may as well have been sleeping peacefully for all anyone tried to help me or even ask if I was okay. In fact, the chick next to me was glaring hardcore, like “wtf is your problem?” “I’M DYING, YOU INSENSITIVE HAG! HELP ME!” – was what I would have screamed if I could breathe.
Anyway, as you can see, I’m alive and well. Managed to piss the bitch off more by coughing the whole ride home. XD. Thanks Kiri!

Well, I think that about covers it. One down, two to go.
Oh! And I got invited to Nagoya by one of the chicks I bought a ticket off. XD. Apparently she lives there. I’m gonna consider it depending on my funds and when/if I go back to Oz for 2 weeks…
15th-Mar-2010 12:47 pm - 'The DVD'
So... I just watched it..

"Poland... Hey, Poland... Crazy fans..."
"Yoooooshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi"
"Kuri ikko kuri."

The scene with the guys ice skating was pretty awesome. Go Kei, dragging along three guys who have no idea how to skate. XD.

Too bad the boat was closed. lol

And then... when Mikaru was giving his final closing speech... I glanced at my wall... and I saw the very first thing I ever found of Dio. It's an A4 poster of Mikaru out of one of my first VK mags. He's in full on Lord's Prayer gear. I just thought "Damn! He's hot!" Then Heather and I were looking up bands, and we started on the 'D's and I remembered that that hot guy in the green pic with the leather was from a band called 'Dio'. So I looked them up.

Lord's Prayer. First Dio song I ever heard. It was crazy heavy, and dark, and satanic, and awesome, and my god that guy can sing AND scream, and wow. But that was just a momentary first impression. God Forsaken was actually a really good song, and the opening to Last Dance was just beautiful. So I added those three songs to my mp3.

Eventually, I felt my time in Japan coming to an end and suddenly decided I needed to buy as much as I could, go to as many concerts as I could get tickets to. So when I found a Dio O-West oneman live ticket in Like an Edison... I bought it. Then I went to Brand X and found their new Album, Dictator. So I bought it. And the guy asked if I wanted an instore ticket? Well hell! Why not!?

I went home. I listened to the album. And the last track... The last track was the moment I fell in love with their music. Last Dance, the ballad version. I nearly fell asleep after listening to that beautiful song... and then the bonus track Dantoudai suddenly blared out and scared me half to death! XD.

The instore. I thought "These guys are probably starkers! I don't think I'll do the hand shake... they're probably kinda scary." But... they were just cool, normal guys. And funny. And Mikaru talked right to me. So I did do the handshake part. And talking to Mikaru, I totally fell head over heels. "My name is Aruba-to." ... <3!!!

Then there was demachi at O-East. "Yeah, ti was fun for me, too. Seeing that "suteki egao" of yours"... <3! <3! <3!

Looking up in the midst of headbanging in Dokusai and seeing Mikaru staring down at me.

Demachi in Osaka. "Otsukaresama!" and Mikaru's little sympathetic grin as if he could tell how embarassed I was by certain people's portrayal of gaijin...

Pre-show in Osaka when I turned to my right and there was Mikaru. Sitting in the park and there he and Ivy sat eating ice cream right in front of me.

Mikaru practically staring at me all through Instrument of Hell in Sendai and again in Osaka.

My brief spell on the barrier in Sendai. Mikaru patting my head. Mikaru holding my hand.

Emails about tewatashi for Heather. His reply to my panicked ameba message. His laughing at my 'Brad Pitt' call.

Kaisan live. Touching him as Dio's vocalist for the last time. His mocking little face wipe while I was balling my eyes out...

While he was talking and talking, I just kept remembering all these things in random order. First where it all began, and then all the amazing moments in my Dio history, and sometimes the embarassing ones.

Final call.

After writing all this... I think I've taken a big step towards letting go. I'll never forget, but I have to let go or else it'll eat me alive. So this is a big step. Seeing those memories just come floating up one by one... I had a good run. Dio will always be special to me. And now I can look forward to something new from Mikaru. And of course Denka. For some reason I didn't think of the water bottle or drum stick I caught from Denka, or the many peta's I've recieved from him... Probably because it was Mikaru speaking, and because Mikaru will always be my first love in Dio... Truthfully. I love him more than Yoshi. Which is why I always put Yoshi first. Less dangerous. Less chance of heartbreak, cause Mikaru is absolutely a heart breaker. He has this amazing way of making everyone feel personally special.


Final Call.

I love you.

I keep typing things because I can't say the words I need to to finish this post.



Come on. You can do this.


14th-Mar-2010 06:39 am - Dio.

Dio. Dio. Dio.

To tell the truth, I've been kind of ignoring them out of self defense. During their hiatus, I was depressed that I couldn't go to that 'final' gig, so I stopped listening for a while. But recently, I was able to pick them up again, and then they announced their big announcement... I had hope. I was so excited...

"Kaisan". So for two months I've been wavering between missing them desperately and being excited to hell about another Dio live... and pulling away from them because I knew they were leaving. I also managed to get a friend hooked on them from about a month ago. Poor dear. It's kinda cruel really.

I thought I'd separated myself from them enough that Final Call wouldn't affect me so badly. But it did. I cried like a bitch. And now it's over. God, it was an amazing live, though. I FINALLY got to hear the original version of Last Dance which I have always wanted to see live. And it was amazing. And Mikaru saw me balling my eyes out and wiped his hand down his face, making fun of me. XD. Cutie.

It really hurts that nothing will ever compare to the sheer awesomeness and fun of a Dio live.

I'm gonna check out the OA Vampire, though. They're REALLY inexperienced, and it shows, but their music has potential and it's a similar type to Dio. Nothing will ever fill that gap, but I could come to enjoy Vampire for that particular type of heavy rampaging mixed with cool melodies. Besides, they're hot and I got the sexy guitarist's pick. XD. Oneman at K2 the day after Lynch & Giru. Sounds like a plan to me. XD.

Anyway, back to Dio. The worst part is, I can't even hate them for breaking up because I totally understand why. It's just right for them. I'd be fine with it except that there really is nothing else like a Dio live, and knowing that I will never again see God Forsaken or Dantoudai or Dokusai or Final Call or Lord's Prayer or Instrument of Hell, or Carry Dawn, or Last Dance... or anything, ever again... That's devastating.

Meanwhile, Denka was crying right from the get go. He's totally precious. Ivy was sweet. He couldn't talk openly, so he said he'd write the details of his feelings in his blog. Nawww. Hell, even Kei grew on me at last... which is totally ironic since he announced that he won't be returning with the Dio members or with any other band. He's quitting music. That's right, you go dye your hair black and become a salary man, Kei, I'm sure it'll suit you just fine... Meanwhile, Shigure kicked Erina's freakin ass! He's got stage presence, and he plays Erina's guitar lines better than Erina. XD. I'm sooo glad he filled in, because he deserved the chance to shine. I'll have to keep an eye on him. Apparently he's just started a new band, so that'll be something to look out for.

Which leaves us with Mikaru. *sigh* Heartbreaker. I really have nothing to say about him, actually. He was just simply amazing. I mean, he sang incredibly, his death voice was just sheer awesome, and when he's on stage, he rules the world and he knows it. "It's not like I'm dead!" he says. No, Mikaru, no you're not dead, but I'll never hear you sing God Forsaken or Last Dance live again. I'll never hear you growl out Dokusai again. Who knows where your music is going to go from here? I'm afraid you'll abandon that amazing death voice of yours... I'll get over it, because I love your singing voice, but... you know. So, no. You're not dead. But I already miss the part of you that belongs to Dio.
10th-Mar-2010 04:29 pm(no subject)
I feel a little lost.

I'd be lying if I tried to pretend that reconnecting with the visual kei scene is not the major reason I'm back living in Japan. Problem is... The scene is changing hardcore.

Dio and The Underneath are breaking up. The Studs and Moran are on practically permanent hiatus. Girugamesh have gone to shit. I've personally banned myself from Matenrou Opera and DaizyStripper as a fan, and... heidi. are going major.

Okay, so the last bomb isn't so much the end of the world, but it changes things.

If Heather and I get the mag back up an running again, then it'll be great, but it'll also add another complication into this steadily more confusing mix. There's only one solution I can see at the end of all this, because goingn back to Oz is not an option and neither is working part-time jobs for the rest of my life or finding a convenient husband.

So what's the solution? I gotta pull my finger out of my ass and get myself a recording contract.
10th-Mar-2010 02:55 pm - Important Announcement
heidi. Major debut single release, (Yokan?) May 26th.
20th-Feb-2010 02:58 am - Kosuke's Birthday @ Urawa Narciss

Where the hell do I start?

The live?

Kosuke’s hour of random crap? (XD.)

Making new friends?

No, I think I’d better go back to the veeeerry beginning. Where Natalie and I found Urawa Narciss… See, we found the place, and were about to go get something to eat, when we heard guitar coming from the livehouse, so we hung around to sneakily listen to the soundcheck… Little did we know… It was actually roadies… All of a sudden, Natalie says to me “It’s Kosuke!” And just as I’m turning to look, Yoshi walked past me… riiiight up close and all. (We’re the same height! :3.) He looked kinda annoyed (which I assume was due to the hoard of fans following him down the street) but I take heart in the fact that instead of storming past and completely ignoring us, he actually nodded before continuing on his irritated way. ^.^ So then Kosuke comes past, and Natalie briefly stopped him to say Happy Birthday, to which he replied, and then continued on his way. What a sweetie. Meanwhile, the hoard of fangirls is staring down the stairs after Kosuke and Yoshi… and along come Nao and Kiri… So I’m watching them coming from aaallllll the way down the street, wondering when the girls staring at the empty staircase are gonna notice… They’re circling behind the girls… still no recognition… FINALLY once they’re halfway past the crowd, the girls at the back clued in… I was totally giggling to myself the whole time. XD.

Right, so after a short trip to maccas, we headed back to the live house where Natalie and I both picked up a Ko-tee. Who could resist? It’s just so hardcore. Nice one Kosuke. (btw, there’s a little fire-breathing heizo on the back… <3.) So anyway, we went and put them on.

After returning, we struck up a conversation with the other gaijin girls, and soon became a group of 6. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sarah and Hannah hauled ass there to get day tickets, I might have been suspicious that we all got lucky with the lottery. lol (Speaking of, good job, girls! Don’t know that I could have gone all the way to Saitama without assurance of a ticket.) So anyway… onto the live…

Well, actually, we were treated to an hour of Kosuke randomness – because Kosuke was the star, of course. Kosuke came out, said his thanks etc. and then one of the Narciss staff took to the stage. Kosuke then had to answer the fans’ questions that she had with one word. *What do you think of Yoshihiko?* “…. Baka.” *Kiri?* “Um…Cat.” (Sorry, didn’t catch Nao.) He also told a story about Nao in highschool at the sports test that seemed to be extremely funny, but all I caught was that it had something to do with basketball and Nao was saying something inappropriate to the occasion. Oh, I think he also told Kiri to ‘go die’ in tochigi dialect. XD. Heheh. There was also a lot of animosity towards Nao who had apparently said he wanted to go drinking with the other bands in Counter Culture, and that Kosuke should just do his birthday alone. Awwww!!! There were also ‘questions’ from the band members… I say ‘questions’ cause Kiri’s was “Looks like you’ve got a great crowd for you birthday…?” lol Meanwhile, Yoshi asked why Kosuke’s such a drastic idiot. (XD. From one idiot to another “Why are you an idiot?”)

So then Kosuke goes off stage, and suddenly Yoshi suggests that we call for an encore… and out comes Kosuke again in this sparkly blue suit with a massive sparkly yellow bow tie (which apparently cost 1,000 yen from Don Quixote despite the expensive gold suit Kosuke had requested. XD.)

Kosuke then talked about how they had lots of ideas, and how they’d considered making Yoshi play a different part etc. but “That would be too hard for Yoshi, cause he can’t do anything else” SO the solution was to have Kosuke… sing karaoke. XD. Yep, that’s right. Kosuke, alone on stage in a ridiculous sequined suit, singing. So what did he sing? Well, it wasn’t his choice at all. The boys in the dressing room had the book and told him which numbers to input. First off, Nao’s selection of Rem. XD. Then there was a song by Luna Sea, which I have got to say actually sounded quite good (unlike the travesty that was Rem, lol, but we can’t expect all guys to be able to keep up with Yoshi’s range…) and then Kiri decided he wanted to hear an anime song… Well what else could it be, but Cruel Angel’s Thesis? – To which everyone happily sang along to. Then Yoshi put in an Uverworld song (which was apparently far too high for Kosuke and got cut rather quickly lol) Which brought us to an Enka song. XD. Kosuke singing Enka. Epic. Finally, after Nao’s “Kosuke, your time has run out, would you like to extend?” he asked for a song everyone could sing along to – which resulted in Utakata. XD. Either in that or Rem (my memories are all shmooshed up XD.) Kosuke did a little Yoshi dance while we were all headbanging. Precious.

(P.S. Supposedly Kosuke was REALLY nervous before the live, while Yoshi was totally relaxed for a change, cocky even. XD. They really were meeeeaaaan to him, sitting there in the dressing room, making disinterested comments like “You’re talking too much” etc. lol Priceless, boys.)

While Kosuke’s little oneman was hella fun, the live itself was of course the icing on the birthday cake. XD. The set was all over the place, with oldies like Machikado Boujou, Last Piece & Slow Drop (which I haven’t heard for AGES live, btw) and then bits and pieces from Panorama… Oh, and Flashback (Another one I haven’t heard live for a long, long time…) We got to hear the opening to Tsuta tsuta twice, cause something happened to Kosuke’s bass, and we sang Sentimental twice through especially for Kosuke. ^.^ Oh, and of course, there was Happy Birthday.

Personal highlights included a blinding grin from Yoshi when he caught me making hearts during Utakata (whoops XD.) and then he singled me out when I was singing along. XD. Love ya, babe. Oh, and I got Kosuke’s attention when he came over to Nao’s side (where I ended up ^.^; Yikes… Hopefully the haircut kept him from recognizing me from Doremidan lol) cause I was blooming at Ko while everyone else was doing furi…

Which brings us to something special… Tonight was my 21st heidi. concert. 16 times from 2nd /3rd row, or just a little further back… That’s 16 opportunities to catch picks, bottled, and drum sticks thrown my way, and FINALLY… FINALLY… That’s right! I got Kosuke’s pick! *squee* You have no idea how much it means to me to FINALLY have a heidi. pick! In fact, I got two! The second one I grabbed with Natalie in mind, though. ^.^

All in all, it was a fantastic night full of tons of fun and adorableness (kiri: “nyan”). I think it might just be the best heidi. crowd I have ever been in. Everyone was in a great mood and just purely enjoying themselves. There was so much going on that I just can’t remember everything, just this amazing feeling that I had the time of my life. XD.

P.S. I also made a new Japanese friend, who somehow ended up with our group of assorted gaijin after the concert. Can’t wait for next Friday at Shibuya Ax!!! LYNCH!!!! ((HEIDI.!!!!)) And I have a kickass ticket. XD.

30th-Jan-2010 06:22 am(no subject)
... It's 6am and the moon is out... There's something inherently wrong there...

Moving on.

I'm drunk. Not trashed, but a bit beyond tipsey. Why? CAUSE I WORK AT A BAR!

Muwahahaha! I feel like a hostess. It's almost like I get paid to drink! Okay, so that's not exactly the case, but as long as Jun is behind the bar, it's nomihoudai. XD. It's 6:15... I was drinking until 5am. We clocked out at 2:15... The last thing I drank was Jun's patent pended Mohito... 4 shots alcohol, and 1/5 ice&soft drink. But you CAN'T TASTE IT! It's like a very minty lemonade, and yet I SAW him mix this thing and it's almost entirely made of heavy fkn alcohol! Wow.

Meanwhile, Sandra's into VK. XD. She even knows Dio! Well, she IS German....

Vanessa read my palms (freakily well, I might add. What accuracy...) Oh, and she taught me how to draw a decent glass of beer. (And apparently I'm going to marry Mikaru before I'm 30... Or something like that... May not have used his name precisely...)

I made an hour's work in tips.

I love this job.

I will probably say the exact opposite in about 3.5 hrs when I have to drag my sorry ass out of bed to shower, dress, eat and book it to A&S before heading on to 57 where I will work until 2:15 again for sure, and then I'll be sleeping in the place and up by about 9/10? to get ready for the first ever all you can eat/drink Sunday brunch. WHEE!

Excuse me while I go crash with that thought in mind.
24th-Jan-2010 02:54 am - It's 2:30am.
What a day.

Running late in the morning, so I couldn't do my make-up and I had no time to eat. Had just enough time to scarf down a tiny pizza-man and buy some stockings from the supermarket...

Thankfully Karin had a stomachache today, so I could take it easy just coloring with the girls, and then I had 3 open forum III lessons. Easy day at work. I also had an hour's break. Just enough time to scuttle to maccas, scarf down a cheeseburger, then scuttle back, put on my new tights & do my make-up before taking the last 2 lessons.

Then it was off to Ebisu. I got there, changed into my heels, and made my way to Liquid Room. Everything went smashing. I had a seat with a bar to write on and everything. The live was fantastic. Really, really good, and just as enjoyable from my seat as it looked in the pit. DoremiDan have really come a long way musically and their new member is fantastic for the band.

So I went to aisatsu, because I wanted them to know how I felt about that...

Unfortunately, it wasn't a normal aisatsu. There were fanclub fans about and thus it was awkward, because they were sitting around having casual conversation which makes it hard to cut in, introduce yourself, say your piece and go. But I did my best.

I said what I wanted to Ken, who was the easiest to approach, and to Rei, whose Chim Chiminey drum solo I wanted to comment on... Then I decided to greet Makoto and get out and leave them to their fans. However, just as I could have stepped in, the Shoxx editor came in and Makoto bee-lined for him. So I waited. And as I waited...



heidi.'s Nao...

waltzes into the room and proceeds to stand about two steps away from me facing in my direction and talking to Ken. >.< I just did my best not to look at him, and felt my face get a little warm. (Good thing it wasn't Yoshi or I'd have been beetroot red...) So I'm standing there lookign awkward, *not* looking at Nao but *feeling* him looking at me... FINALLY I got the chance to tell Makoto that they did a great job, and the current sound is great (TOTALLY forgot to mention I was with Jame or even introduce myself, cause I was nervous as hell with Nao standing right behind me...) and then I made for the door.

As I was walking to the station, muttering and making helpless sounds to myself, the Shoxx ediotr walks past and looks at me like "Weren't you just in the dressing room?" Then I ran into him again 10 minutes later as we were both rounding the same corner from opposite directions - again muttering to myself, this time about where I should go to wait for Heather to call... I even saw the same Jacket on the Shinjuku platform about 45 minutes later, and a similar face/hair etc. but didn't look for long enough to be sure if it was him or not, cause the guy was also looking in my direction...

So I get a phonecall on the train from Sarah, and frankly, I really needed to rant a bit, so I did. So this old dude taps me on the shoulder and trieds to tell me angrily in English that I can't speak on the phone in the train. So I sighed, nodded, and proceeded to tell Sarah I had to hang up... so he taps me again, making rapid gestures and shit... Jesus, man, you want me to just immediately hang up? I was just saying GOODBYE! So... I get home, still somewhat fuming, and wait for the lights, but there were no cars whatsoever and still the light was red, so I crossed the damn street. Wasn't a single car in sight... and ANOTHER old geezer tells me off. IT'S NOT DANGEROUS UNLESS YOUR HIP COULD GIVE OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! WORRY ABOUT YOU OWN DAMN SELF!!!

So I get home, evidently not in the best of moods... and I have 3 mail magas from The Underneath. "Ooh, I wonder what they're announcing..."


They're breakign up. Motherfuckers.

So I'm in even worse a mood and decide to Skype Sarah and rant to her until midnight when Dio's big announcement was scheduled - SURELY Dio's reformation announcement would cheer me up!


(kanji kanji) ONMAN


"Final call? Odd name for a... wait.... that kanji......... KAISAN!? THEY'RE BREAKING UP!?!?!? WHAT DID I DO!? STEP ON THE REINCARNATION OF MOTHER THERESA!?"

After another 10 mins or so in this vein... I decided to help Sarah translate the announcement... and came across the part where they're reforming under another name with new music.

I'm still dissapointed.

I'll miss their heavy music.

I'll mourn Dokusai live.

But after what I felt when I thought the were going to break up for real... After nearly crying over something so stupid... As long as they're still together... I can't complain. I never want to feel like that again. It was horrible. Especially with The Underneath's announcement, and the whole fiasco with Nao...

Anyway. I gave in. I mailed Mikaru. I told him I nearly had a heart attack, but that I understand and wish him luck with the 'new band' and that I couldn't make it to the final live before the hiatus so I'm going to be at this one no matter what and that while I'm sad, I'm also excited to be able to see them again after so long...

Mikaru's post about it all was quite sweet.

Now, it's time for me to crash. I have a live report to write up tomorrow.
18th-Jan-2010 10:27 pm(no subject)
I wanna make a demo CD. But first I need to have a job, and, well, not be sick.

I also really wanna find someone who understands lyrics and Japanese well enough to tell me whether mine are any good or make any sense.

I also need to find people here in Tokyo who can write music. If only Kyle wasn't in the states. We make such an epic team...
6th-Jan-2010 07:57 pm - New Years.

Three Consecutive Days…

All you need to know about heidi. was that they are amazing beyond belief, Yoshi cried, and I balled my freaking eyes out to Yoru ni Omoeba... and then the lights came up on me. -.- Also, I was in serious pain the next day... omg. DVD. Do Want.

Which brings us to moi dix. moi... Wow. Mana-sama in hot pink looking like a ballerina themed dominatrix. Needless to say, I screamed a lot. Oh, and they played "I Love You Baby" which was kinda freaky...

So... Over the Edge. Oh, where to start?

Well, we actually didn’t have tickets. It wasn’t until the last minute that we found tickets on sale on mixi. We happened to find three together within ten minutes of being advertised. Of COURSE we took the opportunity. XD.

So we had to sell our Laforet tickets and arrange to meet the girl with ours on the day. All went off without a hitch. So there we were. At Over the Edge, just as we’d been planning all year round and yet had given up on.

We had second floor tickets, but they were in a pretty good spot to watch in general. We certainly didn’t stay where we were supposed to, but I’ll get to that later. ^.^

So, on a positive note, the show kicked off with Zoro. No, I don’t like them. Yes, I was thrilled to get them out of the damn way. Oh yeah, and they had drum trouble a few bars into their first song and had to stop. lol

Surprisingly, the second band was straight into a session. And wow. Who should wander out on stage but Girugamesh’s Ryou. I was all excited that I recognized a member that I didn’t pay much attention to the vocalist at first. The the scream came and I thought… “I know that voice.” Then I actually looked at him – took in the signature suit followed by the signature water bottle play, and then turned to scream at Heather, “IT’S DAISUKE!!!!!” There were other members of note, but frankly, once I figured out who he was, I had eyes only for Daisuke. Despite the fact that I had suspicions of certain other vocalists secretly turning up, the thought that Daisuke might come never even occurred to me. Maybe because The Studs are on hiatus (although that’s even more reason for him to crash the party) who knows, but the moment I realised I was seeing Daisuke despite his band’s current inactivity, I went into over drive! I ran down the stairs to the bottom section of the top floor just in time for Daisuke to scream “Hisashiburi ni…. Kagero shi nasai….” (It’s been a long time… Now Kagero.) And the next thing I knew, I was doing leg presses in the aisle, bent down to the chair in front of me and headbanging my little heart out. I never thought I would ever hear Daisuke sing Kagero live. By the end of the song I was on my knees just staring sparkly eyed at a tiny little Daisuke and screaming at him. <3 <3 <3

So thrilled to the core, I returned to my seat – thinking about how much that little adventure was going to hurt later… Which of course meant that the next band simply had to be worse for my poor aching body… Here I was convinced it was going to be heidi. next… but no. The curtain began to part to the opening music to Last Night… It was Lynch! So Heather and I once more bolted down the stairs and found three empty chairs open to the aisle in the third row of the second floor (a spot we returned to throughout the night.) Lynch played and awesome set (as usual) and Hazuki was amazing (as usual). I remember Last Night, I’m Sic, Adore… and…. Unkown Lost a Beauty!!!!!! God, I LOVE that song! Can’t remember the other two. I was too absorbed. After not being able to jump in at VrockFest, I lost it a little. ^.^; But I wasn’t the only one.

So Lynch finished, and we returned to our seats. Listening out for the soundcheck, we noticed there was only one guitar. Then the drums check brought with it that suspicious ehcoey sound and a certain flavour to the drumming… Then bass and drums began to jam and the suspicions kicked into place and I bounded down the stairs to confer with the heidi. fans in front of our stolen empty seats. Confirmation came with Kosuke’s “hey” mic check. Still ambiguous, but by then, we heidi. fans knew for sure who was coming next. But looking to the center of the second floor’s first row a few seats away…  I wasn’t happy. There were two seats filled and then three free. Well, I wasn’t just about to let three perfectly placed central, easily visible seats go to waste. Besides, if I had, it would have looked too empty. I did it for the bands sake, I swear. So we moved. J Next came Yoshihiko’s mic check – which we evidentally weren’t supposed to know was Yoshi’s mic check cause after I accidentally let loose a “Yoshihiko!” he laughed and said “They heard me?” Once the staff confirmed, he gave into the inevitable and turned his mic check into an interaction with the audience, followed by a few more “heys” from Kosuke. Heidi. were coming. I was pumped.

Soon after, the entrance music kicked off and I was flashing back to two nights ago down on the first floor, and then the band came out, and we knew our voices were reaching them as Kosuke gestured up at us. And he wasn’t the only one. Whether he recognized our loud, high pitched, enthusiastic screams, whether he could see us when the lights were up and make out that we were foreigners (perhaps putting two and two together and figuring out we were the same rowdy crowd from the oneman), or whether he just appreciated us obviously going off despite being on the second floor, Yoshi didn’t forget us up there in the least. Of all the vocalists, he was the one to reference the second floor the most. He also specifically pointed at us up there a few times in appreciation of the racket and spectacle we were making. Who says the second floor has to be a world apart?

So heidi. kicked off with Utakata. I love it when they do that, it really works the crowd up! And you should have seen the crowd! I was so proud of my boys. Everyone was going off! Everyone! Which doesn’t always happen at festivals like this since people tend to save their energy for the bands they know. Next up was Hello! Yoshi definitely heard our rhythm call once again and showed his appreciation as we made sure not to let it die. As much as I’m not a fan of the song compared to others, it is fun live – and a good song to play for people who aren’t familiar with heidi. So then came… Koukotsu. I was rapped! I’d really wanted them to play it, but hadn’t thought they would. We must have looked quite a sight up there at the edge of the second floor, gyakudai-ing to the vest and then headbanging away to Nao’s amazing riff. XD. I really love the change in the second, longer vest. It’s like “kairaku-up down” then “ikite-up (ru) down.” So much fun! Just to make the set more amazing and unexpected, they played Sentimental right in the middle! “Shibuya…. BAKA NI NARE!” Unusual, but extremely fun! We couldn’t exactly mosh since we were right between the only three journalists at the event who were all sitting, but jumping around in circles was fun, too! And when the time came for us to sing the chorus back to Yoshi, our voices carried nice and clearly to join those of the fans on the first floor. Not to be missed was Yoshi doing furi at the audience and looking very silly and cute. God we must all look like idiots doing that shit. XD. Now, that was only the fourth song… so what could possibly top Sentimental? … Tsuta Tsuta. Yes, we went straight from Sentimental into the craziest song ever, and the adrenaline had us all so pumped we didn’t even feel the energetic suicide. On a slightly calmer note, the set finished with Synchro, allowing us to get a little of our breath back without letting the adrenaline drop.

After screaming for my beloveds until they left the stage, I stumbled back to my seat a happy girl. I got to see heidi. from front and centre of the second floor which is actually the perfect viewing position because you can see the whole band, and also the only position on the second floor where you’re easily visible. Everyone looked like they enjoyed the hell out of heidi. and I was so proud. So, content that I wasn’t going to miss my chance to steal some good seats for heidi. any more, I decided to make a trip down to the goods. Oh what perfect timing. My heidi. high was not yet about to end.

Instead of selling goods, there were only five bags layed out on the table. After questioning the staff, I found out that they were small versions of the lucky bag announced for 2010. It’s supposed to be 6,000 yen with 10,000 worth of goods including mostly dead stock and a couple of special presents. Well, I really wanted it because the old ass gloves were in there and damn I wanted those gloves. So, anyway, this was, like I said, a smaller version. On the website, it’s 5,000 yen of 6,000 worth goods. Today they were selling these five bags for only 3,000. Well who could possibly pass that up? But there were only five. I still didn’t quite know what was happening, but I decided to wait around since I was second in line, and then all of a sudden they were asking the first five of us in the crowd to write down our names and phone numbers. I had to ask if I could keep my position is I ran upstairs and grabbed my keitai, and forever endearing me, the lady said I could as long as I came right back. So I bolted, and got back just as the fourth person handed the piece of paper to another girl. The same staff lady then apologised to her and said that I would be the last person… w00t! So, having no clue why they weren’t just handing the bags to the first five people and what I’d just signed up for, I happily wandered back upstairs to catch a tiny bit of Doubt. They’d said they’d call after the next band. Still. I’m not a big fan of Doubt, so I scouted out the girls to tell them what had happened and then went to wait at the stairs for the end of the set. Once I saw one of the other five, I headed down. The five heizo beanie bags were now in big paper lucky bags and held out for us to pick at random. I was third to choose, and took the one at the back, then bounced back upstairs to my seat, determined not to look inside until I sat down. So there I was, trying my hardest not to look at the bag, and when the girls asked me what was in it, I said I had hadn’t opened it. So I sat down, and excitedly started to peel it open, when Heather’s voice cut through my focus… “What’s written on it?”

That’s right. The reason we’d had to wait for a whole set and why they hadn’t just handed them out right away was because the bags had been taken backstage to be signed by the band… and with a giant “I love you” written amidst all of the signatures!!! Well, who WOULDN’T scream!? Apparently this was all posted on the website, but I don’t have internet access so I was just ridiculously lucky to be in the right place at the right time… and to pick the right bag. XD. I got my gloves, a Tsubasa notebook, a purple heizo Japanese style handkerchief, the film-strip heizo towel, a tsubasa keitai cover, and, of course, the beanie bag. In a signed bag. For only 3,000 yen. I almost thought my night couldn’t get any better.

Then came the next session band.

There was a pianist and two vocalists. I was too busy flipping out over my lucky bag to pay much attention at first. Briefly glanced at the guy who was singing first, wondered to he was and then returned my attention to the bag. Then the next vocalist began to sing… and I still wasn’t paying attention… until Heather said “Isn’t that Yoshi?” (She’d recognized his movements.) As soon as she said it, his voice washed over me and I froze. How could I not recognize that voice? I was back down the stairs in moments, staring wide-eyed at Yoshi and Mix Speakers’ Yuki singing this amazing duet together… With Yoshi in glasses. Yes, he was wearing glasses. Could he get any cuter? The first song ended and Yuki introduced the session band. He said that this type of music was actually his taste and then went on to say that for a while he’d been thinking he’d love to sing with this talented guy. <3 <3 <3 Despite my hatred of Mix Speakers (minus Seek) my heart grew a little fonder for Yuki for recognizing how amazing Yoshi is. And then they sang another gorgeous ballad. I was in heaven.

Lynch followed by heidi. (from the ideal spot) followed by a ridiculously lucky signed bag followed by Yoshi showing off just how incredible a singer he is in a rare, low key session band…

Well the wonder couldn’t continue forever. The shitty bands had to get out of the way at some point. So next I sat through Sadie. They sound better at C.C.Lemon than other places, I think, so I did headbang a little from my seat, but I didn’t really have the energy to spare for them.

Mix Speakers came next… and I began to wonder whether I really was more endeared to Yuki, or whether I wanted to slap Yoshi upside the head for singing with him. Seriously, how can the members have such good taste in everything but their own music? Seek’s composition is amazing, but throw him into Mix Speakers and he lets Miki destroy what were once good songs so he can run around in a stupid costume and scare children. Yuki’s tastes run to gorgeous pop ballads, and yet he dances around like a member of the wiggles, wasting his voice on a mix between Disney Carnival music and boy band songs. Oh yeah, the first song featured the whole band dancing and singing and sounding just like NewS.

Now, the order gets a bit foggy around her, but I think the next band was a session band. A session band that had most of the audience freaking out as I had for Daisuke’s sudden appearance. On vocals, Gaara from Merry (a bunch of other well known members) and Shuu from Giru on bass. Well, Gaara just started screaming and Heather turns and yells at me “It’s BORN!” At least, that’s what I thought she said. Born? Why the hell would they be playing Born? Or so I wondered. Then I realized just WHAT Gaara was attempting to scream. It wasn’t Born. It was Twist, by Korn. Kudos to Gaara for trying to cover the world’s most un-coverable song. He really didn’t do that bad a job of it, either. Trust a member of Giru to show up in a session band involving Korn. ^.^

Erm, either D or Vidoll were next, I believe. Either way, these were my impressions.

D. Oh, D. Oh, Asagi. Oh god. Heather hit the nail on the head when she said “Kagrra called. They want their costumes back.” But the worse part, I think, was Asagi dancing around in a yukata trying to be hardcore and thrash with his ridiculously overdone rose-gilded mic stand… only it was more like him bopping along to High Five or something. He looked like an idiot. And they didn’t even play Yami Yori Kurai… Darn. I could have done with that entertainment. Nor did they play Nightship. ALL THOSE FLAGS GONE TO WASTE! Haha. Suckers. For the record, D do seem to go very well with Vodka Orange in hand. ^.^ Basically, D were like a train wreck caused by a plane falling out of the sky.

Vidoll on the other hand. They’re not bad. First song bored me enough to send me out to the bathroom. We returned just in time for a cool, heavy song, though (which is apparently the only older song they played.) I really enjoyed that song. Lol I had a giggle moment when an opening chord was struck, followed by a long pause, so I turned to Heather and sang under my breath “Kono mama~” which reduced us both to laughter for a moment before the real song set in. Shame. Rem would have been much better. It’s actually interesting, though. Vidoll have the same sense of timing as heidi. The last song they played produced the same effect. The vocalist pumped the crowd up similar to Yoshi and there was another pause, and in my head, I heard the opening bars to Utakata a moment before some gay ass song started. Expecting to hear something cool (like Utakata) I was rather disappointed.

Next thing we knew, they were announcing an hour’s break – which meant it was time for me to run around to the combini and get a picture of my heizette. shirt printed, write a note, chuck it in the presents box, and scarf down some food.

Derlanger kicked off the second half of the evening, but I was far more interested in who was sitting in the lighting fixture. Couldn’t figure it out, but I later thought it might have been Seek. Anyway, Derlanger are a good band, but there’s just a little too much 80s rock sound in their music for me to get into them. Also, I’d pretty much been either going nuts or running around constantly since 2:00. I needed a little time to recover.

I think 12012 were next . I really haven’t much to say except that the bassist shirt was dead silly. They did play one song I recognized. It’s not one I particularly like, but it wasn’t bad live.

Again, I can’t remember the order exactly, but I think the session was next or it may have been the other way round. The session that everyone – and especially Heather – had been waiting for. The mic check brought screams from the crowd as Tatsurou blatantly advertised his presence – followed by the sounds of a full blown brass section. Also appearing in this session was Seek from Mix Speakers, sporting his awesome koto style double bass. Anyways, the session was three songs long and full of brass. There was a group of five brass players who were rocking out along with the band – which also included the keyboardist from Spread Beaver, btw – and Tatsurou. It was sheerly awesome.

So here we are approaching midnight with two (well, three if you count the semi-announced Pillow Talk session) bands left including Giru… and Ayabie…

I was expecting Giru. Imagine my surprise when the vocalist from Ayabie came out… followed by Satoshi… I was focused on Satoshi for a moment or two before the next vocalist in line stole all my attention. Yes, it was Yoshi. Again. And with a mic in hand. XD. Obviously he’d been drinking enough to relax. XD. He was one of the four pumping up the audience and wandering around asking band members (who had filtered out onto the stage) for their feelings on the night… He went straight for Daisuke btw. XD. (Later we found a picture of Tatsurou and someone else watching this from the lighting fixture.)

So the countdown happened, there were hugs, and streamers, and all sorts… and then Ayabie literally kicked everyone off stage and started their set. To be fair, they catered to the event and played a really heavy set, that might not have been so bad if I hadn’t been able to see them… and if their vocalist died in a horrible accident and was replaced by someone with talent.

So appropriately following the midnight band, came the session band Pillow Talk. Plastic Tree’s vocalist Ryuutaro, Merry’s drummer Nero, Mucc’s bassist Yukke, some other dude on guitar, and apparently The Studs’ Aie, also on guitar. I couldn’t hear what Ryuutaro said at the time, so I missed showing my appreciation of Aie in a barrage of screams. (We had once again moved down closer, just incase it was Giru.) The second song was that yuki no hana pop song, and quite an intriguing choice. Still can’t come to terms with Ryuutaro when he’s singing anything but rock, though. Oh, and Nero and Yukke were dressed up in anime suit pyjamas while the others were wearing slightly less showy nightwear. Well, aside from Ryuutaro in his bed hair and white silk.

Which of course meant Giru were next. By this point, I was thoroughly and couldn’t have moshed if my life depended on it, but I did my best. I even forced a few more screams out of my dying throat. I only really enjoyed the only old song they played in the set, but Break Down was fun, and it wasn’t exactly an atrocious set… I just miss the old Giru.

But they were redeemed by…


“Man, that drum check sounds kinda Kiri-ish…. But it couldn’t be.”

*pointed stare*

“No, it really couldn’t. Why would Kiri play in the final session band?”

I believe I threatened that if Kiri really did show up in the last session band, I would probably throw myself over the balcony in excitement… Little did I know.

Okay, so I did really have some hope of it, I just didn’t wanna get my hopes up and be disappointed.

I wasn’t.

The entrance music alone made me scream. It was O Fortuna from the opera Carmina Burana, best known from tv commercials. :p. I love that song. It’s probably one of my favourite pieces of music. Considering the session band that went along with it, I can’t think of anything more fitting.

First to walk out was Kiri… and I began screaming… Then there was Nii… “No way! Kiri AND Nii!” Then came Kosuke and Shuu and Nao… and you can see where this was going. It was Heidamesh all over again, with a guest appearance by one of the members of Sadie. I ran down to the third row, screaming my little heart out. The pain went away. Conscious thought went away. All I knew was that not only Yoshi was back, but all of heidi. and all of Giru and they were playing Maximum the Hormone together as the final session band of Over the Edge 2010. Words cannot express. Of course, everyone else came out during the final song – Taturou running around causing utter mayhem by pushing people off the stage and dismantling the drum kit… For some reason, I can’t wipe the image of him dancing around with this massive cymbal in his hands like a 12 year old on crack. At one point, he and someone from Giru (maybe Nii) tried to push Yoshi offstage (again) but Yoshi got the better of them and they went down instead. XD. That’a boy Yoshi! Meanwhile, amidst all this, Yoshi and Sato were still kicking vocal ass together. The very last thing I had every expected to see… The most epic thing that could ever have been done… What a way to wrap up an incredible night. I couldn’t feel a single thing as I screamed my throat raw and pumped my arms off.

Over the Edge 2010. Quite possibly the most epic event of my life.


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